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Welcome to the SmartRoom

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SmartRoom is an experimental platform of the Metz campus of CentraleSupélec. This platform allows the implementation of the research programs conducted by the teams from UMI n°2958 GeorgiaTech-CNRS (IDMaD and MALIS) in the topics of signal processing, digital and symbolic learning and distributed computing. The SmartRoom is also opened to other external academic and industrial projects. It can provide different equipments and environments such as robots (rolling, flying and walking), sensors arrays (cameras, microphones), information diffusion systems (screens, speakers), ... The robotic platform can, for example, experiment research conducted in the field of cognitive and interactive robotics in an environment where people and robots coexist.

The SmartRoom is opened :

  • for internal research projects to CentraleSupélec.
  • to CentraleSupélec's students academic projects.
  • to collaborations with research laboratories from other institutions and/or companies.

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Differents platforms of SmartRoom


Projects developed in the SmartRoom may be associated with Intercell cluster.